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Best Of Best

Arcade Video game published 26 years ago: Best of Best © 1994 SunA Electronics Ind. Company, Limited. 0.121 [Luca Elia] WIP 0.179: smf fixed high pitch screech in Best Of Best caused by incorrect addressing (two dacs weren't hooked up and two were hooked up to two addresses). 0.148u4: Added DIP locations to Best Of Best. Changed CPU clocks to actual OSC based timing [Brian Troha]. Fixed gfx1/2 rom loading. 0.130u2: Guru updated video timing in 'Best Of Best' to match PCB. Changed VSync to 59.173400 Hz. 0.121: Luca Elia added 'Best Of Best' (SunA 1994). 18th November 2007: Luca Elia - A beat'em up for a change! This "masterpiece" by SunA is titled Best Of Best (1994). It runs on the suna16.c hardware, with a 68000 as main CPU, a Z80 for the music, and a slave Z80 driving 4 DAC's as sample player. Interestingly, the program run by the sample player is so simple, that there is no RAM connected to this CPU, and its job can be carried out by keeping the current state in the two set of registers of the Z80. There is also some protection, but it's light, fortunateley (SunA is known for some hideous encryption / protection, see my SunA8 driver). This PCB differs from the others in the driver for having two sprites chips instead of one: One renders the background, the other draws the players and foreground. Thanks to Guru / gp-lee. 24th August 2007: Guru - Best of Best (SUNA 1994) arrived last week from Korea. Thanks to gp-lee for sending it out.

Best Of Best


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